What’s On for Children in Brighton and Hove

This page is designed to help you find out what’s on in Brighton and Hove for babies, toddlers and older children.

You can search for what’s on for children in Brighton by using this website in a number of ways:

1. Use the Events Calendar to see the titles of all special events for kids on each day of the year. The calendar is displayed a month to view, but you can use the drop-down menu on the top-left to select any month or year to find out what’s on. Hover the cursor over any event title to get a brief description of the event, and click on it to see full description, start and end time, address of the venue, and even Google Maps. I list any event held in Brighton and Hove for children and families, such as theatre shows, museums and libraries events, seasonal events, festivals and fairs. These are events that I’ve found out about through research or through people getting in touch to ask me to share with you all.

2. Use the “What’s On- Current and Upcoming Events” menu title to find all the calendar events in list format.

3. Use the Search box (in the left hand menu on home page) to type in a day of the week and when you hit ‘enter’, all events running on that day, whether they are toddler groups, activity groups, mother and baby sessions etc will come up in a results list.


  1. Sprog Blogs says:

    Thanks Shoshana.
    Very nice tips to make easy the search of Children’s article in Brighton and hove.

  2. Shoshana says:

    You are welcome! Pleased you find it useful.

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